Model making master

An apprenticeship or rather studies at university?

For many, the path to university after high school is a given, although there are many skilled trades that can be just as challenging and exciting – with one decisive advantage: learning by doing.

From Hessen to the capital

For werk5 master model maker Sabrina Iglesias, too, the first choice was to study industrial design at the FH Darmstadt. It soon became clear to her that she was less interested in the design process than in the practical implementation: the manual work in the workshop and CAD construction. So she turned her back on her studies to start an apprenticeship as a technical model maker at werk5 in Berlin.

Here she particularly appreciates the variety in her daily work: “Today I’m designing CAD models, next week it’s CNC programming and milling the components. Yesterday I used the hand scanner to digitise exhibits and tomorrow I’ll probably be at the lathe.”

Her favourite: The challenge of complex projects

Her demand for perfection is particularly evident in the realisation of complex projects: “One of the architectural models for David Adjaye has been my favourite piece for a long time, because it was constructively challenging and the model was almost perfect in the end: all edges were closed, the paint had no inclusions, the components fitted without any problems…A dream!

Find all architectural models for the exhibition about David Adjaye here

From apprentice to master craftswoman

After she finished her apprenticeship at werk5 in 2013, she remained in the team – always with the idea of becoming an model maker master in mind.  However, she shied away from the immense time and cost factor that the training entails. But when the management offers to support her on her way, she jumped over this hurdle – only to immediatly face the next one:

Due to the pandemic and the first lockdown, courses were interrupted and it was unclear when the master course would continue. Fortunately, this period of uncertainty lasted only two months, so nothing stood in the way of  the exams and the construction of the ‘Monopile’ masterpiece.

The next generation

Today the young master model maker is responsible for training at werk5 and passes her experience and the joy that a perfectly planned project can bring on to the eight trainees.

If you have a good understanding of three dimensions, are good with your hands and like constructive challenges, the profession is definitely for you.