Messestand von werk5 GmbH und partnern auf der Mutec 2022


Trade fairs, in-house events, summits

We prefer to present technologies, material and possibilities to you in person.

Exponatec 2021

Together with our partners Interactive Scape GmbH and evelution GmbH, we presented concentrated competence³ for museums and exhibition designers in Cologne from 17-19 November 2021.

Special highlights were the current exhibits that we were allowed to implement this year for various museums in Germany:

The section of a topography model of Märkische Schweiz with front projection, the interactive model of a lorm hand with which visitors can learn to lorm, and the tactile replica of a saltwater crocodile from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin that plays audio feedback when touched.

International Trade Fair Munich 2019

As campaign ambassadors for ‘Das Handwerk’, we presented the innovative power of the skilled trades, including a showbot installation.

Controlling a robot yourself- for many people, robots are more familiar as a household helper. An industrial robot is still an unusual sight and when you are allowed to set it in motion yourself to work on an object, your curiosity knows no bounds.

Find out more about the IHM 2019 and the Robotik Toolbox

Tech Open Air Berlin

Are robots the better artists? Can machines learn from each other? Do robots have a sense of touch? Can computers smell?

On a warm summer evening, we opened werk5 to festival visitors and customers. Together with Interactive Scape we presented technology and what we can do with it, e.g. the Showbots calligraphy application, or Easire Magnify®, the digital magnifiers that not only enlarge information but can also travel through time.

We are already looking forward to meeting you in person at the next event!

TOA Satellite InHouse Event 'Learning with Bots 2018'