25 CAD workstations for digital planing, digital production of components from CNC to robotics … And the assembly? Is (still) done by hand. Find out more about the software and hardware in our Berlin production facility.

Creative Technology

As soon as your idea meets our staff, it takes shape in no time.

  • .. is the brains. It is only through the knowledge and qualifications of our employees, their imagination and the courage to experiment that we succeed in integrating new technologies into our processes. This enables us to offer you ever better possibilities for the realisation of your ideas.

    We plan your project on 25 CAD workstations with:

    • AutoCAD Fusion 360
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Grasshopper
    • Geomagic
    • Rhinoceros
    • Rhino CAM
    • RhinoNest
    • Robotik Toolbox
    • TEBIS
    • VX Elements
    • z-brush

    In this project we built a work of art out of hundreds of Photoshop layers.

Handcraft Meets Industry

Traditional tools and future technologies:
Our employees become familiar with circular saws, CNC milling machines and cobots as early as the training stage.

  • The synthesis of craftsmanship and digital technology combines the best of both worlds. This is because industrial technologies make it possible to keep planning-intensive projects on schedule through targeted utilisation, while the assembly of the projects, which sometimes comprise 10,000 components, is carried out by the hands of our model makers.

    We produce your project with:

    • 5 CNC machining centres up to 3m x 1.5m x 0.6m, 2-5 axes
    • 2 CO¬≤ laser cutting and engraving systems
    • 3 3D printers
    • Carpenter’s workshop
    • 1 collaborative robot arm KUKA iiwa LBR (7 axes)
    • 2 robotic arm KUKA Agilus KR6, KR 10 + turntable (6+1 axes)
    • 3D laser scanner
    • Thermoforming

    The six axes of the KUKA Agilus were essential for this tomb.

Support & Service

You are welcome to commission just your model from us, but we will also be happy to take care of the rest

  • For the presentation at trade fairs, we supply you with everything from a suitable model base with protective acrylic cover to a steel frame that lets your model float, in order to present your model perfectly.

    Your exhibit has to go to the other end of the world?

    No problem, we can take care of the transport logistics, from city courier to art shipping – insured, of course.

    Ask about our services in the areas of

    • Data preocessing
    • Sampling
    • Model presentation
    • Technical documentation
    • Transport logistics – city courier, Europe and the world
    • Trade fair set-up
    • Model support during the fair

Regional Partners

  • We expand our skills through the excellence of our regional partners. Because we know who you can rely on and take over the coordinating communication with suppliers and partners – until the project is completed.

    Learn more about our partners here