Whether you need an architectural model or a work of art: our creative prototyping process turns your request into a three-dimensional object in five steps.

If we can plan it, we can build it.

1. Start of Project

Architectural model, art installation or crocodile replica – we realise your idea in 3D

  • The more precise your enquiry, the faster we can provide you with a meaningful offer.

    You only have a vague idea?
    No problem.

    Use the watch list function on our website to create and share your own reference list. If you are looking for other references, we will be happy to create a personal portfolio for you from our database of 3,500 projects.

    You can find out which information speeds up the preparation of your offer in our FAQ.

2. Comprehensive Advice

Many paths lead to the goal. With our advise you will reach your goal – in the best possible time.

  • Which material is best suited for the implementation of your idea? We can tell you.

    We take time for you so that your idea is convincing in 3D. We advise you on the phone, by e-mail and on site on the implementation process, show effect and cost-effectiveness of your project.

    Because the more precisely you know what you want, the faster, better and more precisely we can build it.

    Talk to us about your project idea and get feedback that will help you move forward.

3. Digitalising Your Idea

No matter how you put your idea on paper, whether as a watercolour or pencil sketch – we translate it into digital form.

  • Is your project already available as a digital data set? We prepare the data in coordination with you in CAD and CAM-systems so that a model can be built from it in the desired scale. Because planning that works on a scale of 1:1 has to be rethought in terms of scaling in order to be produced and built by hand.

    Among other things, we work with:

    • TEBIS for CAM processing
    • GEOMAGIC for scan data processing
    • GRASSHOPPER for parametric development
    • VX Elements for real-time 3D scan visualisation

    Here you will find a complete list of the software we use to plan your idea digitally.

4. Production

Digital technology opens up new creative possibilities for you

  • We harness the precision of industrial machines to realise your ideas by reprogramming CNC technology and robotics for each project. Because craftsmanship is and remains contruction of unique specimens, even if the tools change. Through the interplay of technology and human sensitivity, your unique piece takes shape step by step. At the end it is assembled by hand, for a perfect finish.

    Here you can find out which machines we use for your project

5. Showtime

Enthusiastic visitors and convinced customers – we deliver on time, delivery so that you can look forward to your presentation date with confidence.

  • We make sure that your architectural model, exhibit or work of art convinces your customers and amazes visitors.
    Until then, you can relax and take care of other things. Every project is documented photographically for queries and coordination purposes and is given a place in the werk5 project library, which now contains around 3,500 realised ideas.

    Do you want to share the making-of of your project on social media?

    We would be happy to support you with photos along the production process and exciting information from our workshop.