Architekturmodell Frame, Immobilienprojekt Am Tacheles


Architekturmodell Frame, Immobilienprojekt Am Tacheles
FRAME - Herzog & de Meuron, Am Tacheles
Architekturmodell Quantum Strandhaus von Richard Meier Architekten, inszenierung im Showroom von Engel & Völkers
Quantum Strandhaus - Richard Meier, Engel & Völkers
Architekturmodell Joux im ehemaligen Theatersaal des Tacheles
JOUX - Brandlhuber+ Muck Petzet, Am Tacheles
Architekturmodell Frame, Immobilienprojekt Am Tacheles
FRAME - Herzog & de Meuron, Am Tacheles
Architekturmodell Oro, Immobilienprojekt Am Tacheles
ORO - Herzog & de Meuron, Am Tacheles

Facilitate Your Customers Purchase Decision

Show your customers that their project is something special. With a staging that begins with the entrance to the showroom and in which an architectural model is an essential part of the stage set. Here, interested parties explore the architecture from all sides and gain an initial impression of how they will live and work in your property.

Architekturmodell Joux, Inszenierung im Showroom Am Tacheles

Information as Desired

Naturally your clients want to know how the new flats are laid out or where the daylight comes in. Perhaps they are interested in whether the new property is centrally located and close to museums and concert halls or how far it is to the new restaurant of the celebrated star chef. You could now spread out catalogues and brochures – or simply open the drawer in the model base and use the multi-touch display.

Architekturmodell Oro mit Multitouch Table und Customized Real Estate Applikation, Immobilienprojekt Am Tacheles

Interactive Experiences with Digital Interface

With an application designed according to your wishes and CI, you provide a view into the building, can compare the floor plans of the flats and explore neighbouring urban areas, while the architectural model transmits your digital journey into reality.

And thus all the information your customers need for their decision can be experienced interactively and your sales team is supported by a captivating presentation.

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Multitouch Table mit Real Estate Applikation von Interactive Scape zur Steuerung des Architekturmodells JOUX



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