Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich 2019

Embracing new tools, integrating them into existing processes and taking tradition into the future is the DNA of craftsmanship.

Controlling robots made easy

The easier it is to use, the lower the threshold for access to new technologies.
Not only Angela Merkel and Peter Altmeier were invited to try out the robotics application ‘ScanInform’. All visitors to the IHM were able to set the cobot in motion at the touch of a finger. Joiner Johanna Röh, Campaign Ambassador of the Crafts 2019, also came by with her own object and sees enormous potential in the new technology for restoration objects.

Learn more about the Robotik Toolbox application 'ScanInform' here

The craft sector as a driver of innovation

Embracing new tools, integrating them into existing processes and leading tradition into the future – that is the DNA of the craft.
After the introduction of CNC technology, robotics is the next challenge and at the same time a source of hope. Because this technology not only opens up new scope for design. It provides opportunities to constructively counter demographic change and makes the skilled crafts more attractive to young people. With the Robotics Toolbox, we give craftspeople from different trades the opportunity to integrate robotics into their processes.

For this, the Robotik Toolbox for Crafts was awarded the Bavarian State Prize at the IHM 2019.


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