Marble haptics meets an artist’s colour palette


Corian® Bad, Ulbrich Vogt

Luxurious, versatile and hygienic

With Corian® DuPont™ has developed a solid mineral material that is popular with architects and designers and suitable for bathrooms as well as for tactile exhibits in outdoor spaces with heavy public traffic.

Corian® scores with the following properties:

  • high-quality, stone-like feel
  • homogeneous, non-porous surface
  • waterproof and antibacterial
  • joint-free bonding
  • wide range of colours
  • durable
  • easy to rework and repair
  • versatile processing possibilities from thermoforming to CNC-milling
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As a certified Quality Network partner of the DuPont™ company, we give you a ten-year guarantee on the material!