Anna K.E. | Rearmirrorview – Simulation is Simulation is…

58th Venice Biennale 2019

You feel it when you come to a place where people love what they do and are dedicated to their work.

Anna K.E.

Exchange at eye level

For the realisation of her contribution ‘Rearmirrorview – Simulation is Simulation is …’ for the Georgian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019, Anna K.E. collaborated with an art production workshop for the first time.

Her conversation with werk5 managing director Karsten Kröger about her project reinforced the impression that she had found the right partner in werk5 to realise her idea. “With Karsten I had such clarity straight away. He asked the right questions about things that I had been puzzling over myself before. He addressed weak points, very professionally, but also with enthusiasm about the matter.”

Making-of of 'Rearmirrorview' on Instagram

Sought and found

The deep technical understanding of her idea, coupled with the possibilities of the large machine park and the people who realise each work with respect and perfection, convinced Anna K.E. that “werk5 would be the place where I wanted to have the project realised.” Working to a certain standard and with precise ideas, the artist knows how difficult it is to translate a vision into reality.

But the result is even better than she thought: “This is exactly what I wanted”.

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Making-of Video